HNLMS Johan de Witt.

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  HNLMS Johan de Witt, Flagship of EU #Atalanta#Jwit fighting #piracy near Somalia

A modern day pirates map

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2012-piracy graphic

Here’s something we came across at Disleduck’s site – some incredible infographics depicting the cost and impact of modern day piracy.  These were created by the site and provide a good visual on the problem the world faces as modern day piracy continues to exist.  For more on the effort to campaign for an… Read more »

SS Pacific Tracker – Proof old ships are worth something

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The Ex-Mormacdraco as she appears today, now the SS Pacific Tracker ( Gilston)

The amazing transformation of the ex SS Mormacdraco/American Draco/Beaver State – follow the photos below to see how this ship has been transformed over the years and into the unique arrangement she possess today.       As some who live and work near the Cascade General Shipyard in Portland, Oregon may have noted, a peculiar ship has been taking… Read more »

The Last of the Gasoline Tankers

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This is the story of the last of the Gasoline Tankers to serve in the U.S. fleet which were some of the longest serving ships in the fleet, even to this very day. Gasoline tankers are typically designated T-AOG in the Naval Vessel Register, and are usually small handy tankers used to transport clean product… Read more »